Zombies Don’t Exist In The Walking Dead World According To Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman has become one of the most successful comic creators in the modern era, and that is largely due to the fact that he created The Walking Dead. The comic was already successful before the show aired, but both have found enormous fan-bases, thanks to the success of the other.

While The Walking Dead may be about zombies – which Kirkman totally admits – he stands by his claims about ‘zombies’ existing within The Walking Dead Universe.

According to Kirkman, zombies were never a thing in Rick’s world. The infection may have created what we know as zombies, but the characters on the show had never heard of such a thing.
During an appearance on Conan, Kirkman said that he wanted to separate the world of The Walking Dead from all other types of zombie fiction. Basically, in this reality, zombies were never even an idea that someone had.

If you lived in The Walking Dead world, things like Night Of The Living Dead, or Nazi Zombies, never would have existed.

When Conan asks Kirkman why this was the case, his answer was pretty impressive. In order for the characters to truly have to learn to survive, and to fight against the walkers, they had to be completely in the dark. If the world had known about zombies in the past, they would have known to go for the monster’s head right away, and the infection wouldn’t have been so devastating.

This is why no one on The Walking Dead has ever said the word ‘zombie’. They are always referred to as walkers, biters, etc instead. They do this because ‘zombie’ isn’t in their vocabulary.

That’s a pretty clever way to set yourself apart, and it looks like it’s paid enormous dividends for Kirkman and The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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