Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We don’t get too many questions but the few we do get seem to be the same ones. Take a look and if it’s not here feel free to contact us.

Can you feature my zombie look on your @zombday instagram?

Yes! Simply tag your photo with @zombday plus hashtag #zombday and we will take a look at it. You may also Direct Message the photo on instagram or send it via email with subject “ZombDay Feature Submission”

Can I advertise my project on your website or instagram?

Yes, we can definitely work something out. We have worked with TV Networks like El Rey to promote “From Dusk til’ Dawn” and can be accommodating to smaller projects with smaller budgets as well. If your project is not zombie related, it would need to be at the very least horror themed. Contact us if you’re uncertain or would like to seek advertisement with us.

Can we collaborate on a short film or other zombie project?

I am always up for anything zombie. Specially if I’m the one that ends up turning into one and eating a few folks! We have worked with artists before to create tutorials, special effects, short films and even props/clothing. Reach out to me with your project details.