About Us


Our Vision

ZombDay is more than just a zombie page, it is a home for all zombie fans. A zombie movement perhaps. We want to be able to provide you with the latest in zombie movies, short films, tutorials and anything else your zombie brain can handle.

Our Story

It all started with Instagram. I found myself scrolling through my feed and saw I didn’t really have much to look at that was a specific interest to me. I love zombies and despite searching as much as I could, I could not find a single account to follow that provided that zombie fix I needed. I decided to start my own and have steadily grown since then!

Meet the Team

Currently our team is not that big but we’re trying to feed as many zombie fans as we can.

Frankie Ponce, Founder of ZombDay

Frankie Ponce


Frankie is an actor and has played a zombie on various productions such as music videos, commercials, live events and TV.

Walker Frank

Zombie Frank

Resident Zombie

Zombie or Walker Frank doesn’t do much but shamble around trying to eat the other staff. He just wants to be included in the team.

Jessica Velasco

Jessica Velasco

Event Coordinator

Jessica is the event scout and event planner. Always on the hunt for zombie events despite being deathly terrified of them.

Reaching Out…

If you would like to contact us to collaborate on a tutorial/video, seeking advertising or have any other inquiries in mind please Contact Us